Video translation and subtitling

Amid the prevalent adoption of information and communication technologies, audiovisual translation has gained ground in recent decades. It has ceased to be a resource used exclusively in film and television to become an indispensable part of everyday multimedia used to cascade and share information within companies, organizations, and among people.

Subtitling involves the adaption of an audiovisual media’s spoken content into a written form—usually in a different language. This process involves multiple steps: the transcription of the original audio script, the translation of the resulting text, the synchronization of the subtitles, and the insertion of the final text into the video. All this is done with important considerations in mind: the balance between fidelity and natural flow of the message, appropriate choice of register, cultural adaptation, proper length of subtitles for easy reading, and clarity of the message to its intended receiver, among others.

We at Decoding offer you this service and many more to make sure you get the right message across without hindrances and barriers—but only with the quality and professionalism your work and your business deserve.

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